Frequently-Asked Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • How can I find Bude Sea Pool? We are right on the South West Coast Path just above Summerleaze Beach in Bude, where you can park. See us on Google Maps.
  • When’s the best time to come? Bude Sea Pool is open every day, 24 hours a day. It’s best to swim at low tide, and please avoid swimming at high tide. You can check the high tide times Click here
  • What does Bude Sea Pool look like today? Find out on the Bude webcam here.
  • How can I use Bude Sea Pool safely? Bude Sea Pool provides a safer environment than the sea for swimmers and water sports, however it is not without risk, and use of Bude Sea Pool is at your own risk. Bude Sea Pool is a natural environment so sharp objects like rocks, shells etc. can wash into the pool and it may become slippery due to algae. Take care when using the walkways as these may be slippery when wet. Bude Sea Pool staff are present when the RNLI lifeguards maintain cover at Summerleaze beach during the summer months. Check out our safety information for more details.
  • More questions? Click here for answers to all your questions.

  • Where is Bude Sea Pool?

Bude Sea Pool is right on the South West Coast Path above Summerleaze Beach in Bude, EX23 8HN. See us on Google Maps.

  • When is Bude Sea Pool open?

Bude Sea Pool is open all year round, although we always recommend you swim at low tide, when someone else is about, and do not swim at night.

Once a year we empty Bude Sea Pool to give it a good clean and remove algae and stones that the Atlantic Ocean has brought during the winter. This means means we have to remove the sluice gate, and so Bude Sea Pool is closed when this operation is occuring. This usually takes place in April or May, and is weather and tide dependent.

It is wise to check with us if you are planning a trip specifically to swim at the pool. You can contact us here or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages. Why not check out the current conditions on the webcam here?

  • Is there car parking nearby?

Yes. There is a range of pay-and-display car parks in Bude within easy walking distance of Bude Sea Pool. The Summerleaze Beach car park is closest but can often be congested at busy times – you may find it easier to park next to the Visit Bude Tourist Information Office and take a short walk to Summerleaze Beach and Bude Sea Pool.

Be careful if you park in one of the supermarket car parks: you will need to shop in the supermarket, and can only stay in these car parks for an hour or 90 minutes – which doesn’t give you much time to enjoy Bude Sea Pool!

  • Is there disabled access to Bude Sea Pool?

There are steps down to Bude Sea Pool from Summerleaze Downs, and also steps up to the pool from Summerleaze Beach. If you can manage these, then the area around Bude Sea Pool is level, with a gently shelving shallow entry area.

  • Can I bring my dog?

You are welcome to bring your dog to the Poolside but please don’t let it in the water, and of course please pick up any deposits and place them in the dog bins at the top of the steps.

  • Is Bude Sea Pool staffed?

The RNLI provides lifeguard cover as part of their duties in managing Summerleaze Beach. The Friends of Bude Sea Pool have Pool Staff on duty during the main season covering similar hours to the RNLI, depending on weather conditions and tide times. They are always friendly and approachable, able to help with most questions you may have, discuss what FoBSP are planning, and how to donate or become a “Friend”.

  • What safety advice do you offer?

For full information about how to use Bude Sea Pool safely, please click here.

  • Is there a charge to use Bude Sea Pool?

No. Bude Sea Pool is open access, FREE of charge.

However, it costs in excess of £40,000 each year to pay for life-guarding and vital maintenance, so donations towards those costs are extremely important. Please donate via this site by clicking here, make a donation at the Poolside or drop some coins into one of the many Blue Tins you will find in Bude’s shops, hotels and cafes.

  • How big is Bude Sea Pool?

Bude Sea Pool is around 91m long and 45m wide, although because it is a semi-natural structure these are only approximate measurements.

  • How deep is Bude Sea Pool?

 The sea washes in twice a day, refreshing the water, and also bringing in sand and stones. It is hard to say exactly the depth in a given area, so please be extra careful when entering, and please don’t dive into the water.

  • How warm is the water in Bude Sea Pool?

The water temperature varies from around 11C in April through to 18C in August and September. That can feel quite chilly, so you may want to take your time to acclimatise to the temperature, or wear a wetsuit.

  • Is the water in Bude Sea Pool chlorinated?

No. Bude Sea Pool is filled by the tides with water straight from the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s much the same as the salty sea water in the bay. It is not chemically treated.

  • When is the best time to use Bude Sea Pool?

You should avoid Bude Sea Pool at high tide. It’s best to leave at least an hour before or after high tide. Aim to visit at low tide times and the Pool will be calm and welcoming (although at extremely low neap tides the Pool can run a little short on water!). You can check tide times here.

  • Is there a shaded area?

There is no specific shaded area so please bring suitable clothing, also sunscreen, and use it regularly.

  • What facilities are there at Bude Sea Pool?

The Hub, now open at Bude Sea Pool, is a building housing a small staff office, storage, and a community room. Also 2 individual changing rooms which are open during the season when it is managed by our Pool Staff. During other times and the winter season you can as a Friend, buy a key for £5 which will allow you access to the changing rooms and lockers at any time to suit you.

The Community area can be used by schools, marine groups, beach cleans etc. This can be booked ahead by emailing

We have a tap for free drinking water available, although toilets are situated 100m away in either Crooklets or Summerleaze car parks.

Our local cafes are Life’s a Beach and Rosie’s who are also Business Sponsors, again only a few minutes walk away.

  • Are there Beach Huts for hire?

There are Beach Huts above Bude Sea Pool, they are currently all rented out but they do come up from time to time. If you are interested please email Martyn to be put on the list.

  • What more can I do to support Bude Sea Pool?

Please join the FoBSP. Adult membership at £10 a year is the same as a couple of trips to a swimming pool. You can join online here or drop in to the Seventh Wave Gallery to sign up. Please spread the word via social media about Bude’s superb historic Sea Pool, and encourage your friends to visit it, join the FoBSP or make a donation. You can also become a volunteer: we have plenty of jobs that need doing and everyone is welcome. Find out more here.

  • Who currently runs Bude Sea Pool?

The Friends of Bude Sea Pool took over the day-to-day management of Bude Sea Pool in April 2012 two years after Cornwall Council withdrew funding. Our Pool Staff look after the pool during the season and are happy to help with any questions you may have. Volunteers look after the pool during the winter, keeping it free of stones, checking the beach huts and structure for any damage, etc. Currently the FoBSP office is the wooden hut on the lower terrace.

  • Want to know more?

Contact us if you’d like to get involved in supporting Bude Sea Pool in any way. If your business would like to be associated with Bude Sea Pool you can visit our Sponsors page.