Safety Info

Bude Sea Pool provides a calm area of open water where you can swim, bathe and splash in sparkling sea water without dealing with the big waves out in the bay or dangerous currents and rip-tides.

However every activity, no matter how safe the environment appears, carries some risk. You use Bude Sea Pool and the area around it at your own risk. You must take responsibility for your own safety when you visit Bude Sea Pool. The following guidelines will help you to stay safe and enjoy yourself.

Both RNLI beach lifeguards and dedicated Bude Sea Pool staff are stationed around the Pool during the season. Please follow their instructions and guidance. If you notice anyone who appears to be struggling in Bude Sea Pool (or on the beach or in the sea itself) please alert an RNLI lifeguard immediately.

CHILDREN should always be supervised by a responsible adult.

Never leave a child, even older children who can swim strongly, unaccompanied near an open area of water. Your family is your responsibility.

NEVER DIVE OR JUMP into Bude Sea Pool

The depth of Bude Sea Pool changes with each tide. In some areas it can be very shallow, while in other places it can be quite deep. You cannot know how deep the water is at any point, so never dive or jump in.

DON’T RUN around Bude Sea Pool

The sea washes over the sea wall twice a day, which means that the edge of Bude Sea Pool can be slippery. Walk carefully around and in the Pool and don’t run.

STAY AWAY from the cliff

There is a roped-off area immediately under the cliff. Please stay out of this area and away from the cliff face, where stormy weather can cause rockfalls.

BE MINDFUL of other Pool users

You are welcome to use inflatables, canoes, surf-boards and other beach equipment in Bude Sea Pool. However, please be aware of other Pool users. Look out for and stay away from swimmers, especially children in the shallow areas.

ENJOY CALM moments at low tide

Bude Sea Pool is at its best when the tide has receded and the water in the Pool is calm. So avoid using the Pool when the tide has come in and is breaking over the sea wall. You should not enter the Pool when the tide is high.

TREAD CAREFULLY around and in Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool is in a semi-natural environment. It is part of the beach. So sharp objects like rocks, shells and (sadly) bottles can wash into the Pool and the rocks around it. Just like the beach itself, weever fish and jellyfish can sometimes be found in and around the Pool. So watch where you are walking. Once you enter the water it is better to swim straight away, rather than walk.

CHECK THE TEMPERATURE before you get in

The temperature of the water in Bude Sea Pool varies from around 11 C to 18 C. This can feel pretty chilly, so you should check the temperature before getting in and allow yourself to acclimatise. You may want to wear a wetsuit if you’re not used to swimming in unheated water.

KEEP DOGS out of the Pool

Please leave your dog by the Poolside and make sure you clear up any deposits. Thanks!

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