Welcome to Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool is a semi-natural amenity that has provided a haven for free and safe bathing and other water-based activities since the 1930s.

Access to Bude Sea Pool is unrestricted and FREE of any admission charge, although it costs over £40,000 every year to keep it open and safe. 

Almost 50,000 people visit Bude Sea Pool every year, making it the Number One visitor attraction in Bude.

It is managed by the Friends of Bude Sea Pool (FoBSP), a local charity that aims to preserve, improve and enhance Bude Sea Pool as a free amenity for the benefit of the community and the thousands of people who visit the town every year. 

The FoBSP receives no public funding, so we rely on you to give us your support or make a donation to keep Bude Sea Pool going and to enhance this unique facility.

James Dixon playing on behalf of FoBSP as a fundraiser

In James’ words – we are thrilled to announce James Dixon playing on behalf of FoBSP as a fundraiser. We look forward to seeing as many of you there on the night as possible. Thank you!

I believe in the “SHOW” being more important than the “SINGLE”
I play music which is rough and unpolished, never write set lists and have never played a song the same way twice.

My guitars are one offs made in my hometown, my tambourine is taped to an old sock and my dreadlocks are natural.
My songs are all true stories.
My name is James.

Save Our Steps campaign

A HUGE thank you goes out to all those who donated this year to the FoBSP Save Our Steps campaign.
You have enabled this project to happen this year through your kind generosity.  The replacement of the crumbling pool access steps needed to be swift as they could have been swept away at any time with a storm.
The comments received by all the public using these steps have all been positive, and we expect the Cornish granite to last for many years to come.