Welcome to Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool is a semi-natural amenity that has provided a haven for free and safe bathing and other water-based activities since the 1930s.

Access to Bude Sea Pool is unrestricted and FREE of any admission charge, although it costs over £40,000 every year to keep it open and safe. 

Almost 50,000 people visit Bude Sea Pool every year, making it the Number One visitor attraction in Bude.


It is managed by the Friends of Bude Sea Pool (FoBSP), a local charity that aims to preserve, improve and enhance Bude Sea Pool as a free amenity for the benefit of the community and the thousands of people who visit the town every year. 

The FoBSP receives no public funding, so we rely on you to give us your support or make a donation to keep Bude Sea Pool going and to enhance this unique facility.

Annual General Meeting of Friends of Bude Sea Pool 
The AGM takes place on Wednesday 27th January between 6-7pm. All Friends of Bude Sea Pool will receive an email next week, inviting you to register your attendance on Zoom. It will provide details on voting and Q&A arrangements. Click on the links below to see the relevant papers:- 


Information on the FoBSP Committee
Resolutions on which you will be able to vote
to a) elect the Committee and to b) approve the Minutes of the last AGM of November 2019 and c) to approve the Accounts. 

Got questions? No problem. Questions about the content of the AGM papers or indeed the operation of the FoBSP Charity and Bude Sea Pool can be pre-submitted via email by 23rd January and will be answered during the AGM itself, whether you wish to attend on Zoom or not. A full email response will follow.

Please email questions and/or apologies to Frances Faulkner by close of play on 23rd January.

Update – January 2021

New Lockdown restrictions 

A very Happy New Year to all our Friends, far and wide. Such strange times as the start of 2021 sees the UK in lockdown once more with our activities severely restricted due to the ongoing pandemic.

We are so sad to have to make this decision once again that in line with the UK Government Covid Lockdown Restrictions, the Pool, Office and Shop will be closed until further notice. We know this is the right thing to do to keep our visitors and community safe.


Volunteering with us 

Despite lockdown, our wonderful winter maintenance volunteers, as before, are permitted to carry out the daily checks and cleaning of the pool area. We are so very grateful for their hard work every day to keep the pool safe and clean and they have recently pressure washed the terraces which had become slippery, in addition to the daily clearing away of the pebbles, rocks and debris brought in by the winter tides. Government regulations prevent other volunteer tasks, such as manning our shop, so these are suspended until further notice. If however you would like to register your interest now, please email Frances. Stay safe everyone. We look forward to seeing you as soon as we can. 

Swim – Safe

Billy O׳Mahony of Bude Open Water Swimmers (BOWS) group has written a very useful article about safe swimming and swimming safely in areas of open water .  That article can be found here and we commend it to all as an excellent read.