Facts and Figures

  1. Bude Sea Pool was built in 1930 and provides a safe swimming environment for visitors to Bude and for locals. Created under the curve of the beautiful cliffs in a conservation area on Summerleaze Beach, it provides a unique experience of being in or on the sea, close to the Atlantic Ocean, but sheltered from the extreme effects. 
  2. The Friends of Bude Sea Pool (FoBSP) is a local charity that was set up in Bude in 2010 by a small group of local residents who had successfully campaigned to save the historic Sea Pool. It had been threatened with closure and possible demolition following the termination of Cornwall Council funding. A successful “Save our Sea Pool” fundraising campaign secured its immediate future. 
  3. FoBSP is now a membership (‘Friends’) based and volunteer-led organisation. It has a Strategic Board of 5 Trustees, 5 operational Committee members, three part-time year-round members of staff and currently 5 seasonal pool-side staff. Each member of the tema is passionate about the Sea Pool and are committed to preserve, improve and enhance Bude Sea Pool as a free, semi-natural amenity for generations of locals and visitors to come. 
  4. Over 1800 people have now joined the charity as Friends. It costs £12 a year to be an individual Friend or £30 for a Family Membership. Lifetime Friends pay a one-off fee of £250.
  5. A Strategic Review was undertaken by the FoBSP Trustees and Committee in February 2018 resulting in a Strategic Plan. This Plan sets out the plans and objectives FoBSP for the 3 years 2018 – 2021. This is available for public scrutiny. It provides detailed business proposals and resource requirements for the next 10 years. first year of the plan, and looks forward to consider how we shall approach our work for the next 5 years, and subsequent years leading up to the 100th Anniversary in 2030.
  6. A small group of volunteers work hard all year carrying out maintenance at the pool, painting the beach huts, manning the shop, helping at fund-raising events, undertaking behind-the-scenes administration and financial activity, and many other tasks often using their special skills and experience. 
  7. Nowadays, thanks to the ongoing fund-raising, events and maintenance activities, Bude Sea Pool is number one of Bude’s top tourist attractions. 
  8. Every spring, the Pool is drained for up to 3 weeks for vital maintenance, including sea wall repairs, with tonnes of rocks, sand and stones being removed, and improvements made to access steps and pool-side walkway. 
  9. New stainless steel railings were installed free of charge in 2014 by a Midlands steel contractor whose family holiday here regularly. 
  10. Recent fund-raising allowed the construction of a new Hub at Bude Sea Pool with changing rooms, a Community Room for use by local groups and organisations, and a storage area and office for the Pool Staff.
  11. A fund-raising campaign to raise £27,000 to fund the replacement of the old concrete steps leading from Summerleaze Beach was successful completed.  They were replaced with Cornish granite which is more durable with little or no maintenance. 
  12. Bude Sea Pool is around 91metres long and 45 metres wide
  13. Around 50,000 visitors come to the Sea Pool every year to experience safe and free sea-water swimming. 
  14. The water temperature varies from around 11c in April through to 18c in August and September. 
  15. 18 Wooden beach huts have been installed on terraces behind the Sea Pool all of which are let to generate income for the charity.
  16. In August 2017 the Office and Shop was opened in Summerleaze Car Park, this acts as the HQ for FoBSP staff and volunteers, and is a focal point for the sales of FoBSP-branded merchandise and Friends Membership.  It was converted from a disused and neglected stone building belonging to Cornwall Council. 
  17. Many visitors come to Bude Sea Pool as part of their exploration of the Bude area. As it is located along the North Cornwall Coastal Path, it is a regular stop and photo-opportunity for walkers between Clovelly and Port Isaac. 
  18. FoBSP work closely with local accommodation providers and food outlets which promote Bude Sea Pool to their guests. A new Visitor Giving Project has been launched in Bude whereby guests are invited to make a charitable donation using the donation envelope in their hotel room or self-catering unit or via the on-line booking form. 
  19. Bude Sea Pool is an asset to the town and contributes to pulling in revenue to local businesses. Pool use, and recognition of Bude Sea Pool’s importance to the leisure economy of Bude that is generated through social media feedback, has increased year on year. 
  20. FoBSP is well-regarded and respected in the local area – to the extent that in 2018 the newly-opened Premier Inn in Bude adopted FoBSP as its local charity and McCarthy and Stone joined our extensive roll of over 80 business sponsors. 
  21. Bude Sea Pool strives to be a plastic-free environment. No food or drinks are offered for sale at Bude Sea Pool. FoBSP encourages visitors to use the local cafes located on the adjoining beaches of Crooklets and Summerleaze. 
  22. You can follow FoBSP on social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @budeseapool
  23. The very popular Refill scheme was started in Bude by a FoBSP Committee Member, with proceeds from the sale of refillable cups and water bottles going to raise funds for Bude Sea Pool. Michael Gove was seen leaving no 10, with a non recyclable cup so one of FoBSP’s REFill cups were sent to him and he immediately ordered them for all the cabinet and there are photos in our social media showing them all round the table, also orders flooded in from Defragging, Environment agency etc. Emma Howard Boyd is the Chair of the Environment Agency, took a huge interest in the Green activities going on in Bude and made a special visit, including FoBSP in the tour of Bude and to find out more about the Cleaner Seas Project, A Greener Bude Refill shop and the Artisan Market.
  24. Bude Sea Pool is increasingly popular as a destination for outdoor swimming enthusiasts. People train for cross-channel swims here and organisations such as the MoD use it for training. An annual Channel Challenge event at Bude Sea Pool attracts outdoor swimmers from across the country, swimming in teams the distance of a cross-channel swim. 
  25. Bude Sea Pool is regularly used by several local groups including Bude Open Water Swimmers (BOWS) and Bude Surf Life-Saving Club.
  26. Bude Sea Pool Seasonal Staff are employed to ensure that visitors to Bude Sea Pool have a safe and memorable time. It is a semi-natural environment so rocks, shells, sea-weed and stones, and occasionally jellyfish can be washed up on to the Pool area. The Pool staff are focused on removing these and also algae, to keep the poolside area clean and non-slippery. They can also provide deck-chairs, and play mats and noodles for children’s enjoyment, and they monitor carefully the activities of users of the Pool to ensure safety at all times. 
  27. FoBSP work closely with the RNLI who provide lifeguard patrols as part of their duties of monitoring Summerleaze Beach. Bude Sea Pool Seasonal Staff undertake regular risk assessments when on duty. 
  28. Dogs are not allowed in the pool except once a year on the last Sunday of the October half-term holiday when the Sea Pool Dog Show happens followed by a doggy and owners’ swim! Dogs need to be on a lead at the Pool. 
  29.  In 2030 it will be the 100th anniversary of the construction and opening of the Bude Sea Pool.
  30. Further information on FoBSP can be found by looking at the FoBSP web site www.budeseapool.org. The Strategic Plan can be found by following this link www.budeseapool.org/legal-details-about-bude-sea-pool