Beach Waste Circular&Co. Reusable Coffee Cup



Beach Waste Circular&Co. Reusable Coffee Cup

·        Outer sleeve made from 50% Beach Waste, recovered from the Cornish coastline, blended to create marble patterns unique to every cup.

·        Designed for 10 years use, Circular Reusable Coffee Cup is 100% recyclable.

·        Keeps your drink hot or cold for 60-90 minutes.

·        Easy one-hand opening, perfect for life on the go.

·        360 Degree drinking, allowing you to enjoy the full coffee aroma.

·        BPA & melamine free.  Dishwasher safe.

·       Turquoise lid

·        Features Bude Sea Pool logo

*Please note: Due to the variable nature of the kinds of beach waste in the material mix, and the way in which it is blended, there are variations throughout the Beach Waste Cups. The marble effect is different and unique to each cup sold. Some of the cups are more plain looking and have fewer marble markings. 

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