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Wearable Hot Water Bottle Cover

 The unique Mermaid’s Purse is a comfortable adjustable rucksack designed to hold a hot water bottle. A hot water bottle is placed into the purse which is made from a soft jersey and cozy fleece. These materials as well as being comfortable to wear help to insulate the heat.  If you wear your purse over a base layer and a jumper over the top your purse can keep you warm for hours.


The Mermaid’s Purse is an investment for the outdoors. It is the only UK produced hot water bottle rucksack.

Your Mermaid’s Purse will help heat up your core after a brisk swim.

Your purse will hold a standard Hot water bottle 32cm x 12cm.

(Hot water bottle not included)

The Purses are Made in the UK

 Made using only the highest quality materials.

The purse is made from the highest quality soft jersey woven in the Leicester. The labels and trimming are from Plymouth. The purses are sown in Yorkshire by top craftswomen.

Making the purses in the UK keeps the carbon footprint low. A small-scale hand-machined production ensures limited waste.

Each purse is quality-checked at each stage of production and has its final check at the Mermaid’s Purses HQ in Hove by Fiona McEntee.

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