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Save Our Steps campaign has launched!

When all public funding for Bude Sea Pool was withdrawn in 2010 the Friends of Bude Sea Pool fought a vigorous campaign taking on full management in 2012. Since then FoBSP have undertaken much-needed repairs and continue to invest in new facilities. The cost of these refurbishments and improvements so far is £390,000.

Each year brings a new challenge in terms of maintenance and costs and 2019 brings our next major project. The steps leading from Summerleaze Beach to the pool were built in the 1930’s and if you look at them carefully they have had at least three major overalls involving layering of concrete. Without major work the steps will very soon become unsafe and will have to be removed if action is not taken now. The clock is ticking to ‘Save Our Steps’. 

Without the steps leading from Summerleaze Beach, access to the pool will only be possible from the downs or via middle beach.

Rather than undertake yet another repair it has been decided to replace the steps altogether. The existing steps will be removed and replaced with local Cornish Grey Granite which will be more durable with little or no maintenance and more attractive and importantly safe for public to use.

This is a major undertaking and comes with a cost of £27,000 which mean that other much needed maintenance work will have to be deferred for this year if we do not manage to find the funds elsewhere.

In the coming weeks FoBSP will be running a major campaign to raise the additional funds – applying for any grants which might be available, running fund raising events and appealing to the public to help us raise the funds.

We welcome donations of any amount and will be appealing to anybody who is not already a Friend of Bude Sea Pool to become a Friend https://membermojo.co.uk/fobsp/joinus

Or alternatively, please donate here, where your donation will be greatly received, thank you!