Mossy Casts A Spell In Bude paperback £6.00


The second book in the Kids of Kernow series is entitled ‘ Mossy Casts A Spell in Bude’. Written by Lally A Turner & illustrated by Andy Templar.

Book 2 promotes caring for the Oceans- with Mossy’s own P.O.P ( Prevent Ocean Pollution) pop-up shop on the edge of Bude Sea Pool


Join Mossy & Kismet for further adventures using their own special brand of magic. This time,Lucy and her family wonder whether moving to Cornwall was such a good idea after all. Can Mossy convince them they have made the right decision?

Maybe you’re about to start somewhere new and are feeling a little scared?

Perhaps you feel you could do better at something tricky, like spelling?

Inside you’ll discover all the magical tools you need to make such thoughts disappear and replace them with new, empowering ones!


For readers aged 7+