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Print depicting Bude Sea Pool by the artist Nancy Farmer.

I swim a lot at Clevedon Marine Lake, so when the Friends of Bude Sea Pool asked me if I’d be interested in the Sea Pool as a subject for artwork I was already familiar with some of the problems, challenges and rewards involved in keeping these fantastic and historic structures going. Both Bude and Clevedon are so well loved by the people that use them, and probably not everyone realizes how much work is put in by volunteers. So took a little drive down to Bude, swam in the beautiful Sea Pool, met some lovely Friends of Bude and local swimmers, and created this drawing about the day.

Four or five years ago I got into open water swimming, and then I got into winter swimming. I was an artist before this, but finding myself swimming in near freezing winter temperatures seemed something remarkable enough to be a subject for my drawings. One thing led to another and swimmers have become my entire subject for artwork now, even in a heatwave! Both the beauty of the human form moving through water, and the humour of the same forms bundled up, shivering and eating cake afterwards, or just hanging out at lakes and sea pools. These make for different types of picture, but they are all drawn from the same well of inspiration.”

Nancy Farmer

Available mounted or unmounted.


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