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When can I swim today?

FoBSP recommends that Bude Sea Pool is not used whilst the sea is washing over the walls into the pool, this could be up to 1.5hours before and after high tide depending on the tide height and sea conditions. For example, if high tide is 3pm, please plan your visit around not swimming between 1:30 and 4:30pm.

When is high tide?

The daily tide times for Bude on this page update automatically. If you know you are going to be offline, please refer to the FoBSP Handbook. Please note there are two high tides to be aware of every 24 hours.

What will the temperature be in Bude Sea Pool?

Visit our Facebook or Instagram accounts for regular updates. You can also find the temperature of the sea water at Summerleaze on Zuma Jay’s Surf Report. Always remember it is always a few degrees colder in the Pool than it is in the Atlantic.

How is it looking?

We don’t have a webcam at Bude Sea Pool itself, and yet you can see the quality of the surf and how busy it is at Summerleaze from Zuma Jay’s webcam or the Bude webcam websites.

20 May 2024

Time Type Height
04:20 high 6.44m
10:43 low 0m
16:43 high 6.5m
22:58 low 0m

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