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Environment and Sustainability

Bude Sea Pool aligns itself with other local and national charities that protect marine environment and promotes sustainability.

Friends of Bude Sea Pool is a partner in the Bude Climate Partnership. This group is made up of local environmental organisations that are working together to develop positive community-led climate-change responses throughout the wider Bude area. They have recently received £2million from the National Lottery’s Climate Fund for several projects to spearhead a community respons e to the climate crisis and rising sea levels.

With being a front runner in the ReFill movement that started in Bude, Friends of Bude Sea Pool continues to be committed to sustainability principles, seeking where possible to procure locally-made, ethically-produced items for sale in our Shop.

Other initiatives include the BorrowBoard Scheme, created in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, for visitors to rent sustainable unsnappable bodyboards provided by local business, Zuma Jay. Some local businesses have also bought some of these and donate via Visitor Giving.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Mental Health Swims is a mental health peer support community that hosts free, safe and inclusive swim meet ups. Local FoBSP volunteer, Jan Lathem, has brought MHS to Bude Sea Pool. For more information about how to join Jan, visit the Bude Sea Pool-specific MHS page on Facebook.

In the summer months, The Pearl Exchange, a local Charity, offers swimming lessons in the Pool to 18-30s in Bude and the surrounding areas, as well as cultural and creative workshops, free counselling and mental health support.

Other charities that are using Bude Sea Pool and soon to rent the Hub in the near future include:

Surfwell. This charity aims to reduce stress, improve staff wellbeing, encourage an early recovery and nurture ongoing resilience for those working within the Emergency Services, including blue light workers, such as the Police, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard, RNLI and other such emergency service providers.

The Wave Project. This charity mentors children and young people improve mental health through surf therapy. They help young people reduce anxiety and improve confidence.