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This year the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) has released new guidance on how to float properly, should you ever get in difficulties in the water. Their campaign ‘Float to Live’ has five basic steps:

1. Tilt your head back with ears submerged

2. Relax and try to breathe normally

3. Move your hands to help you stay afloat

4. It’s ok if your legs sink – we all float differently

5. Spread your arms and legs to improve stability

For more information and an informative video, visit their website:


This campaign has had a lot of national coverage and it might be useful to those with children to also see the Newsround video that also supports the importance of this technique:

The RNLI collaborated with Karcher earlier this summer to offer a Spa Day at Bude Sea Pool to teach folk about Float to Live in person. It was a tremendous day of demonstrations and tutorials in the water from specialist teachers, RNLI lifeguards on hand and Karcher organising the event including providing loungers, parasols and towels for those who took part. It was hugely popular. They had hoped to train 20 people and 27 people had completed training in the first hour alone. Tens of passersby learned over the course of the afternoon.


The RNLI is providing further training this summer to children aged 7-14 at Summerleaze beach on Saturday 26th August. Swim Safe includes Float to Live training as well as how to be safe in and around open water in general. Book a place at

Drone Photography Credit: Coast Above Drone Photography

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